Why Donate?

The Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK) is the voice for over 25 Ukrainian Student Organizations (USOs) across Canada. Each year, thousands of students get involved in their local USOs and participate in local and national events – cultural, social, and/or for raising awareness. With time, these students take their newfound skills and experiences (event planning, fundraising, marketing, etc.) to become leaders in our Ukrainian Canadian community.

SUSK attracts a diverse group of Ukrainian Canadian students representing the various waves of immigration, youth organizations, dance groups, and beyond.

By providing a fun and inviting environment for students of Ukrainian heritage, we foster a strong and united youth network. We use this network to share opportunities ranging from scholarships, to internships, and other opportunities to link students with the Ukrainian community and develop their professional careers. Our work ensures that we involve youth in the Ukrainian community to usher in new leaders after graduation.

Our Mission

SUSK’s mission is to be the voice for Ukrainian Canadian students. We support our USOs and members by:

  • providing resources
  • hosting local and national events
  • and providing continuity for these student clubs

SUSK helps students stay motivated and connected with each other, while creating future leaders for the Ukrainian community in Canada. We all share the same fundamental goals of celebrating our Ukrainian Canadian identityraising awareness about our community, and keeping our culture and traditions alive.


  • Promoting Holodomor Awareness Weeks annually across Canadian campuses
  • Profiling current events in Ukraine
  • Sharing information about First World War Internment – films, conferences, speakers
  • Organizing film screenings on Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian topics
  • Promoting culture and heritage – language, art, food workshops
  • Meeting with government officials for advocacy


  • Providing annual funding to USOs
  • Providing resources (e.g. recruitment, event planning, fundraising, advertising) to clubs through guides and staff support
  • Ensuring continuity – online membership lists, best practices, identifying and training new student leaders
  • Identifying and supporting new USOs, most recently in Vancouver (BC), Barrie (ON), Regina (SK), and Winnipeg (MB)
  • Hosting national conferences (‘Congress’) to develop skills and create memories
  • Sharing opportunities for jobs, scholarships, internships, professional development, and networking


  • STUDENT–СТУДЕНТ, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, is the leading publication for Ukrainian Canadian students. All issues are available online.
  • Position paper outlining topics of importance to the Ukrainian student community
  • SUSK has met with Canadian officials from all levels of government, including previous Prime Ministers of Canada
  • SUSK actively meets with universities, research institutions, student bodies and other NGOs to articulate and promote a strong Ukrainian Canadian student voice

The SUSK Endowment Fund

With help from our generous donors and partners, SUSK has flourished in the last decade. From doubling our membership in the last decade, to strong attendance at our annual SUSK Congress, as well as raising funds from outside the Ukrainian community, we have seen an incredible transformation.

Turnover is SUSK’s largest challenge as a volunteer organization – by the time our students fully develop their leadership, they are not far from graduating. To combat this, SUSK has introduced full-time staff to support USOs, train new executive members, as well as assist our fundraising to provide institutional memory. However, our resources to sustain this position and our member organizations are short term.

To keep our momentum, we are launching our “Finding Belonging, Creating Leaders,” fundraising campaign which will support SUSK and its member organizations in perpetuity. The endowment will use its annual accruement to support SUSK and its students for years to come.

Our campaign has received special support from the Shevchenko Foundation, who are managing the fund on our behalf and providing charitable tax receipts to our donors. Our most proud and committed donors, including SUSK alumni, have assured SUSK that they will support this campaign to the best of their financial capability.

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