The Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK) has launched the “Finding Belonging, Creating Leaders” campaign to ensure a strong and unified Ukrainian Canadian student body, and to develop the future leadership of the Ukrainian Canadian community.

The mission of SUSK is to be the voice for Ukrainian Canadian students and to support its member Ukrainian Students Organizations (USOs), where thousands of students find belonging and partake in various events.

Message from the SUSK President

Since 1953, the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK) has been a driving force in uniting and empowering youth across the nation. Through the Endowment Fund, your support magnifies our impact. By contributing to the fund, you fuel our 20+ member organizations on campuses nationwide—crucial, especially given the current situation in Ukraine. Your donation to the Endowment Fund secures SUSK’s future, sustaining resources, events, and cultural advocacy. Beyond that, it nurtures tomorrow’s leaders. Join us in preserving heritage and nurturing leadership, leaving an enduring legacy for generations.

– Kira Dzulynsky

Message from the SUSK National Board of Directors

SUSK has a rich 68-year history as a cornerstone of the Ukrainian Canadian community. With more than 25 member organizations, hundreds of yearly members, and a paid staff member, SUSK provides resources to help with whatever a Ukrainian student club may need.

Today, we want to make sure that a strong, independent, Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union can not only survive, but indeed thrive, forever. We encourage everyone to donate and be a part of this important campaign.

SUSK Donor Report

We would like to thank our donors for their support and commitment to making sure that the SUSK Endowment Fund continues the mission and vision entrusted to us! You are developing the future leaders of our community.

Click this LINK to read or download the 2021 SUSK Donor Report

Message from the Shevchenko Foundation

We are very pleased that SUSK recognizes the benefits of partnering with the Shevchenko Foundation in ensuring that future goals of SUSK are met. SUSK has created a Designated Fund that will be managed by the Shevchenko Foundation, with an external oversight committee. By creating this Designated Fund, SUSK has shown a high degree of commitment to the future of its organization and our community.

– Lesia Szwaluk, Executive Director of the Shevchenko Foundation

Our Progress

Thank you to our generous supporters for helping SUSK reach its goal!

$222,392 / $1,000,000